Outreach Ministry

To Know Christ and make Him known by Encouraging personal evangelism and reaching the community with a corporate and consistent effort.
Personal Evangelism:

•establish training sessions on how to share the gospel effectively

•encourage the church to witness to people in places such as Walmart, gas station, or coffee shop.

•utilize church brochures and keep with you in your car to give out to your neighborhood and other places in the community

•recommendations on books to study along with the bible to help our church to continue to stay fresh on what and why we never stop evangelizing.

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You also can email the Outreach team here:  OUTREACH

Corporate Effort
  • set up efforts on outreach Sunday

•help organize schedules for neighborhood block parties, participation in any community festivals or socials

•start a prayer schedule for different members to pray on a daily basis for the lost in our community

•enhance our church website with an evangelism page discussing updates and have a clear model of evangelism established

•consider having tee shirts, coffee mugs, and pens printed with our church logo to distribute to visitors at church as well as to people in the community
• the team will help think creatively for future efforts such as water bottle give-away, small sporting events etc, in order to draw the lost in to hear the gospel
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