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Message From: Greg   |   Email Address:
Nice to see the lords work carried out on earth by His followers.
Posted 09/20/2009

Message From: Rob Miller   |   Email Address:
I liked your site.
Posted 07/15/2009

Message From: Donna Walker   |   Email Address:
Brent & Amy I haven't heard from you guy's in a while just letting you know I still think about you alot and appreciate all you and the church have done for me. I am growing in Christ more and more every day and I am doing quite well. Still attending chur
Posted 04/09/2008

Message From: Kelly Seely   |   Email Address:
I really like this website. There are a lot of good resources. The best part though has to be Greg S. at Martin Luther on the Home page.
Posted 01/31/2008

Message From: Thomas Weaver   |   Email Address:
Pastor, you have a great site! I'm Bo's nephew. Peace and Grace brother! Tom Weaver (reformed pastor dude from South Texas)
Posted 06/14/2006