A Word from Our Pastor



A Word From Our Pastor

Tom and Jennifer were married in Memphis, Tn in 1987 and have 3 children: a daughter, Sarah married to Alan Knox, through whom we have a grandson, Ellison; a son Garrett; and a son Griffin.


Tom was born again and began following Jesus Christ during 1989. Jennifer was born again and began following Jesus Christ during 1972.

Tom graduated from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in 2009 and began pastoring a Baptist Church in the Mississippi Delta for six and one-half years before being called to Lakewood Baptist Church.


It is Tom's desire to see God glorified in all of life, which is accomplished through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is powerful to save all who believe.

He enjoys fellowshipping with the church and family time as well as a lot of reading, woodworking, hunting, and hiking when there is time and the opportunity.

I especially love to talk about Jesus Christ. He is so wonderful! You may email Pastor Tom by clicking here:

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